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Charoenworrakit Company Limited

Move over production and distribution our products under Fancy Crap Brand. We are still market leader of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) under various brands. We provide advice and “One Stop Service” begin from supplier provider for suitable packaging
and also finest selection of good quality product (export class) under certificates such as GMP, HACCP, HALAL.

“Product Quality Comes First”

Our products under packaging of customer brands are QC accepted. We realize that good quality of products under customer brands to support customer brands are well recognized, trusted and good image in the long run.

At present, we are well recognized by well known exporters to produce our products under well known customer brands. We have produced variously international brands for more than 30 years. We still continue our research and development and also prepare more production capacity to support more order in the near future.

OEM products under our production are distributed to countries

Easy to create your own brand
Start 20,000 baht only

OEM Procedures

  1. Customer to inform required description.
  2. Product, Size, Weight, Sample photo of packaging.
  3. Provide advice, consultation and PR (Purchase Requisition)
  4. Purchase order/ detailed description and delivery – Product loading.
  5. Test

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376-377 ม.7 ซ.วิทยุการบิน ถ.สุขุมวิท ต.ท้ายบ้านใหม่
อ.เมืองสมุทรปราการ จ.สมุทรปราการ 10280
โทร 02-3231072 , 02-7090618