Modified Tapioca Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Modified Tapioca Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Produce from Tapioca starch under special production process to have similar property close to Arrowroot starch

Make food and sweetmeat having viscosity, clear and not shrink back.

Suitable for cooking Thai sweetmeat such as Kanom Cho Muang (Stuffed Flower-Shaped Dumplings), Kanom Nam Dok Mai (Floral Rice Cakes), Kanom Chan (Steamed Layer Cakes), Kanom Kuay (Banana Dessert).

Suitable for cooking noodles with sticky soup, Fish Maw Soup, Soup to keep viscosity stable for long time.

Modified Tapioca Starch

Fancy Carp Brand Modified Tapioca Starch is transformed from high quality tapioca roots. It can be used as a thickener and stabilizer and also make your dish softer than tapioca starch. Suitable for : pie fillings, thickening pudding; mixing with tapioca starch and rice flour for Kanom Piak Poon (Green or Black Coconut Sweet Pudding), Kanom Chan (Layer Sweet Cake), Kanom Kluay (Steamed Banana Pudding with Coconut); mixing with rice flour and mung bean flour for Kanom Tuay (Thai Coconut Milk Custard); and many more Thai desserts.

Product information

Product (TH)


Product (ENG)

Coarse Tapioca Starch


Fancy Carp

Packing size

40b x 500g

Net weight (kgs.)


FDA number


Bag dimensions (cm.)
(length x width x height)

14.5 x 21.5 x 3

Box dimensions( cm.)
(length x width x height)

40 x 42 x 18


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