Glucose Syrup Fancy Carp Brand

Glucose Syrup Fancy Carp Brand

Its sweet is 70% of sugar sweet.

Suitable for cooking Sweetmeat Paste Filling, Roast Red Pork Gravy Mix.

Activate the sugar corset faster, not crystallized.

Able to use for glazing food and sweetmeat surface to be shined such as Salty Crispy, Kanom Krong Krang (Thai Caramelized Crisps)

Glucose syrup

Fancy Carp Brand Glucose Syrup is produced from Tapioca starch, its sweet is 70% of Sugar sweet. Its properties, stable viscosity, not shirk and not crystallized. Suitable for cooking food and sweetmeat such as Kanom Look Choup (Fruit Shaped Mung Beans), Kanom Pia (Chinese Pastry), Glucose syrup property is to make good mixing of sweetmeat paste to be stable shapes. Mixing with Sugar for suitable viscosity sweet sauce. Besides, good for glazing on food and sweetmeat surface to be shined. Able to substitute Corn syrup by Glucose syrup. Suitable for ingredients of Candy, Sauces, Sai Kanom (Sweetmeat Paste Filling), Roast Red Pork Gravy Mix, Kra Ya Sart (Thai Sweet Cereal Bar), Korean Fried Chicken Glaze Sauce, Fried Duck Glaze Sauce, substitute sweet of Sugar.

Product information

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Glucose Syrup


20 ถุง x 500 กรัม
10 ถุง x 1 กิโลกรัม


10 กิโลกรัม

เลข อย


ขนาดถุงสินค้า ซม.
(กว้าง x ยาว x สูง)

500 กรัม 11.8 x 17.5 x 2.5
1 กิโลกรัม 14.5 x 21.5 x 3.5

ขนาดกล่อง/กระสอบ ซม.
(กว้าง x ยาว x สูง)

24 x 37.5 x 12


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