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“Quality” is the first thing we have emphasized to our products for more than 30 years ago. During this period of time,

we have modernized our production systems with continuous research and development respectively in order to help

our customers for having various choices of creative food and desserts menus.

“ Learning with us today then you will discover that food cooking is very playful and fantastic ”

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Tapioca Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Tapioca starch is white texture and produced from good quality tapioca (export grade) when touch feeling slip hand. Suitable for cooking food and sweetmeat to increase viscosity such as Kanom Tub Tim Krob, Kanom Ping (baking dessert), Tao Suan (bean porridge with coconut milk).

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Glutinous Rice Flour
Fancy Carp Brand

Glutinous Rice Flour (Sticky Rice Flour) Fancy Carp Brand is transformed from high quality glutinous seed. It can be used as a thickener for sauces and gravies. Moreover, you can used glutinous rice flour to make you dish chewier or softer. Suitable for: Glutinous rice ball, Tang Yuan (Chinese dessert), Dumplings, Japanese Mochi, use as thickener for soups and sauces.

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Black Glutinous Rice Flour
Fancy Carp Brand

Produce from black glutinous rice seed 100%, fine texture and can substitute for white glutinous rice flour 100%. Black glutinous rice flour has more nutritious than rice flour. Suitable for cooking Kanom Tien, Kanom Keng, Bua Loy

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Modified Tapioca Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Modified Tapioca Starch is transformed from high quality tapioca roots. It can be used as a thickener and stabilizer and also make your dish softer than tapioca starch. Suitable for : pie fillings, thickening pudding; mixing with tapioca starch and rice flour for Kanom Piak Poon (Green or Black Coconut Sweet Pudding), Kanom Chan (Layer Sweet Cake), Kanom Kluay (Steamed Banana Pudding with Coconut); mixing with rice flour and mung bean flour for Kanom Tuay (Thai Coconut Milk Custard); and many more Thai desserts.

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Coarse Tapioca Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Produce from Tapioca starch under special production process เto have similar property close to starch which produce from arrowroot head for cost saving. Strong point is stability of viscosity more than Tapioca starch and corn starch

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Corn Starch
Fancy Carp Brand

Suitable for various food and sweetmeat menus such as coating food and sweetmeat before crispy fried, Food and sweetmeat paste filling, increasing viscosity and stability for food and sweetmeat such as Radna (noodles with sticky soup), Tao Suan (bean porridge with coconut milk) and also an ingredient of cooking soft cookie.

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Jasmine Rice Flour
Fancy Carp Brand

It is same kind of Rice Flour without Gluten. Suitable for Bakery menus to substitute Dough flour, some menu can substitute 100%. Good point is soft texture of Jasmine rice flour. Suitable for cooking Cakes, Pancakes, Waffles.

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Brown Rice Flour
Fancy Carp Brand

Gluten free flour is suitable and applicable for Bakery menus. Substitute Dough flour, having natural good smell and color of Brown rice with high dietary fibers. Suitable for cooking Cakes, Banana Muffins, Waffles.

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Information and status update

Exhibition at the Amazing Thai Rice 2024

26 June 2024

Charoenworrakit Co., Ltd. participated in the Amazing Thai Rice 2024 event. The Fancy Carp Flour booth was lively and drew much attention, featuring popular workshops. Visitors learned to bake with Thai gluten-free flour, creating treats like khanom babin and waffles.

Business Guy Outstanding Award in Year 2020

16 August 2021

Received “Business Guy Outstanding Award” from Department of Industrial Promotion (Ministry of Industry) in Year 2020 under Project of Agro Beyond Academy.

Recipe for delicious food menus

ideavivat_webmaster • 16 August 2021

Kanom Sago Pork (Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling)

“Tapioca Balls with Pork Filling” is a snack and popular in Thailand, can buy anywhere and easy to cook.

ideavivat_webmaster • 16 August 2021

Peanut and Sesame Bar

Snack with brown and golden color “Cut nuts” main ingredient from peanut and mix with palm sugar “Fancy Carp Brand Glucose Syrup” this ingredient to support mixing well followed good sweet taste, crispy and enjoy eating.

ideavivat_webmaster • 16 August 2021

Tub Tim Krob (Red Rubbies with Coconut Milk)

Tubtimkrob is a cool dessert mix with ice, its color normally pink. “Tub Tim Krob” is popular in Thailand and its shape is look like ruby, in foreign countries call this menu “Red Rubies with Coconut Milk”

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