FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) [Product]


Answer: Due to we have no shop front for retail sale. If customers require to buy at our site, have to buy as wholesale at least 1 box onwards. Customers should contact us first for checking and booking before visit us at site for customers convenience and our preparation. Contact us, call: 02-3231072, 02-7090618, e-mail: [email protected] and Line OA account name: @Missflour to see our site address click here .

Answer: You can read basic using method of each products on product label via click here . Besides, we still have food recipes and sweetmeat recipes in our website that customers can study to cook as food and sweetmeat menus via click here.

Answer: Customers inform the regular shop directly so that the regular shop to order our products via our channels or fill in the requested form or click here by giving product detailed description as required to order, shop name, details address, contact number (if any) then we will contact to you or your shop for discussion