About Us

About Us

Charoenworrakit Company Limited has been established on September 1, 1989. We have our long journey to tell you counting from the grand Pa time. Our grand Pa had started his business in the flour milling in 1960 to produce rice flour, glutinous rice flour, and selling many other agricultural raw materials.

When business had been growing and keep going well, the unexpected event happened. My grand Pa, who was a pillar of enterprise, facing an accident and lost his memory and he finally made his business go down.

With not giving up and endeavor of Mr.Lapon Charoenhirunsilp his eldest son and Mr. Saijai Pakdeerattanamit, who is his wife, tried to re-start our business once more time. We had to rent a house and start to build our factory with 6-7 employees who were ready to join a new fate. During this time, our products had been come up with the name of “Fancy Carp” brand.

Despite how hard the time had been, we tried to survive our business by overcoming every obstacle we can do. Fortunately, we had still gaining the helping from many people who had constantly given us the opportunities and supporting. Our gracious partners who had given us to have goods before and paid them later. This made us like a fish in good place to be alive and keep growing.

We had gradually grown and gained the trust of our customers by doing business with partners and customers honestly in terms of product quality and quality assurance systems such as GMP, HACCP, and HALAL.  This makes us to starting shine for the public with a diversity of products and constantly developing new products. At this period of time, it is time for next generation to carry on a business, the heirs of family who will uplift the brand. “Fancy carp” to grow with the following principles:

  1. Striving to carry on quality development process and raw materials to deliver the best for our customers.
  2. Listen to our consumers and partners enthusiastic and support them with our full effort.
  3. Hard working with creative, they are a source of knowledge and innovation for food business.


“No boundary for inspiration in order to make our world fully with colorful and fun after eating food from creativity.


  • 1989

    Beginning of "Fancy Carp Brand"

    We begin from small family with a love of doing business from small factory with few employees. Main products are Tapioca starch, Glutinous rice flour, Rice flour, Coarse tapioca starch and Glucose syrup. We are the first idea in the Glucose syrup market that bring Glucose syrup to contain in plastic bag having two fancy carps drawing with happiness swimming. Glucose syrup is similar clear water for 2 fancy carps to swim.

  • 1992

    Beginning of “Black glutinous rice flour”

    Year 1992, we launched new product “Fancy carp brand Black glutinous rice flour” that distributed to market as the first time. At that time, this product was very new in the market. After distribution for more than 10 years, it became a popular product.

  • 1994

    Change for growth

    Fortunately, our customers and partners to give us opportunity and support continuously for around 5 years then we had more order, more production and hired more employees to make local community and people having more income.

  • 2014

    Turning point

    Year 2014 was big change in our factory for quality enhancement and quality systems. We have got certifications and received certificates of GMP, HACCP and also received certificate of HALAL in year 2015.

  • 2018

    Better new imagine

    Besides, we have enhanced our production and quality continuously. Year 2018, Fancy carp brand was changed the new image as sign of "Friendly to all level, all sexes, all ages" as appeared in term of our products and packaging.

  • 2020

    Small dream but big goal

    Year 2020, Fancy carp brand launched products from Thai rice flour such as Riceberry rice flour, Jasmine rice flour, Brown rice flour and Gluten free Crispy batter mix. Our dream to make a change for people having a chance of new eating style for food and sweetmeat that cook from Thai rice flour and having more consumption choices for "Food Allergy People" that we sell substituted raw materials cheaper than import from overseas. Thai rice flour is good quality and value for consumption.

  • 2021

    Flight to reach the dream

    Our strive in year 2021 is product quality enhancement, new creativity so that consumers having more eating chance of safe and valued food or sweetmeat. Welcome for people who require to join "Fancy carp brand" to make dream true.

Charoenworrakit Company Limited

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